tisdag 19 juli 2011

The Ring - Jewel for ever; exhibition and seminar 9/9

The ring, our beloved piece of jewelry, can be so full of different meanings.

September 9 2011 Gallery Hnoss organize a large exhibition and a seminar with the ring as a theme:
The Ring – jewel forever. The gallery invited all its previous exhibitors to create a ring just for this exhibition. The interest to take part is overwhelming, with over 100 rings from the same number of jewelry artists. The exhibition will later tour the Nordic countries, starting in Tallinn in the autumn.

In a seminar practitioners and theorists will share their knowledge and give personal interpretations of our most used piece of jewelry. Welcome!

Hnoss are proud to present the lecturers: Anna Schetelich from Galerie OONA, Germany, Professor Otto Künzli, Germany and Manuel Vilhena, Jewellery Artist, Portugal. Moderator for the Seminar is Love Jönsson, craft and design critic, and guest lecturer at School of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg

With the exhibition and seminar Gallery Hnoss want to manifest that their activities will change from now on. After this grand gathering they will leave the gallery space and work in other ways in the future.

Read more about The Ring – jewel forever: konstepidemin.se/hnoss/

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