lördag 11 augusti 2012

Michaela Peterson will display her new stool tower at Konstepidemins Dag

New interesting stools found by Michaela on her trip, July 2012

Michaela's project ”12 small chinese stools” began after a 3 month stay in Kunming, China in 2010.
She had just finished her exhibition of a 'stool tower' when she realised that her trip was coming to an end. Was that it? She decided to hand out her 12 stools; each one to a different person she had met during her stay. This gift was a means of keeping a connection to Kunming and the experience it had offered. But most of all it gave her a reason to return one day.

This summer, Michaela returned to kunming and wrote to Konstepidemin ”Kunming is full of stools. I see them everywhere, in wood, plastic, metal and bambu. All simple, some bought, others handmade. One could just wander around all day long finding new variations of this small piece of furniture. This small daily object”.

Before Michaela went back to China, she built 12 new identical stools to exhibit in Sweden. The new tower of stools will be presented in the near future, together with information about the original stools and their new owners back in Kunming.
At this exhibition, she will also exhibit photographs of other stools she found during her last trip, just like the ones shown above.

Michaela will have a pre-viewing of the new stool tower during Konstepidemins Dag. You are welcome to studio 313, between 12-16 on the 1st of September. 

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