fredag 1 juli 2011

I gästateljéerna i sommar

Gästateljéerna är fullbokade i sommar, nya gäster:

Anna Wieselgren is a Swedish artist who is currently working and living in Canada.
This is her second residency at Konstepidemin. During her stay this summer she will be working on a textile project for an upcoming exhibition at Museum London.
See the result of last year's stay here:

Jimmie Durham, USA, is invited by Iaspis Göteborg - The Swedish Arts Grants Committee's International Programme for Visual Artists.
"In Goteborg I will buy a big smoked salmon and eat it. I will meet with old students from my Malmo akademy days. But I will also begin to study granite; in connection with my project for the bienale in September. Part of this study is involved with Adolf Hitler, the ex-leader of Germany, and his plans for an arch in Berlin made of Scandinaivian granite."

Mid June Danelle Bergstrom, Australia arrived:
"As an Australian artist with my connection to Sweden as my paternal mother-land, I feel fortunate to have been accepted for an Artist's Residency at Konstepidemin to create new works towards an exhibition in Göteborg April next year.
My landscape paintings are sensory memories - they are the way I understand the world and often a metaphor for the human condition. I aim to spark a larger conversation about the ability of nature to act as a universal language. "
Visit her regular studio here: 

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