lördag 3 juli 2010

Nya gäster i gästateljéerna

Nya gäster i gästateljéerna:
Anna Wieselgren, uppvuxen i Sverige och boende i Kanada stannar mellan 17.7 - 17.8.
Katarina Eriksson, dansare, USA stannar mellan 6.7 - 16.9.

New guests in the guest studios:
Anna Wieselgren, born in Sweden and living in Canada stays between 17.7 - 17.8.
"Anna Wieselgren’s work focuses on exploring themes such as gender, loss, memory and displacement using sculpture, installation and performance. Her residency at Konstepidemin will be dedicated to working on a new textile based piece as well as drawing."

Katarina Eriksson, dancer, USA stays 6.7 - 16.9.


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