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Om bara ett par timmar drar årets Internationella Spelmansstämma igång på Konstepidemin. Varmt välkomna att ta del av musikanter från olika håll i världen - många i Göteborg. Varmt välkomna!

Internationella spelmansstämmanThe meeting place for musicians with different cultures and music genres

2nd of June 2012
Konstepidemin - Linnéstaden
Free entrance

For the second year running, Konstepidemin is gathering over 50 musicians from different cultures to play their music. They will be the core of this highly interactive event, where we hope to see and hear many new constellations!

It’s time to dance, play, sing and listen
There are lots of good places for jamming within the Konstepidemin area. Come and enjoy free stage opportunities as well as folk music and dancing. With so many musicians from different parts of the globe, this meeting place is an ideal exchange of knowledge when it comes to rhythms, songs and even instrument crafting.
Official program: 
14.00 WWO - hus 8
15.00 Fräscha Fossiler - hus 8
15.00 Markatta & Adama Cissokho - Gröna rummet
16.00 TIMSIG - Blå huset
16.00 Kopanitsa with Balcan dancers - Gröna rummet
16.30 Work - hus 8
17.00 Music for dancing all evening - Gröna rummet
17.30 Brazil Trio - hus 8
19.00 Vlada Panovic - Blå huset
20.15 Görans Orkester - hus 8
20.15 Sivert Skavlan - Blå huset
21.00 Solo och Adama Cissokho - Blå huset
22.00 Den Fule & guests Feat. Erika Risinger, Vlada Panovic, Solo & Adama Cissohko - hus 8
23.00 Goodland Trio - Blå huset
24.00 Leche Burre - hus 8

House 10:
 The Irish Stew: Celtic session with TIMSIG
House 13: Instrument showroom with Michael Sandén, Thomas Fredholm and Kristian Äng
Traditional Swedish Folk outfits ’Folkdräkt’ from Slottskogsstämman will be shown
Gothenburg based store ’World Music Oasis’ will be selling CDs from all over the world.
Gräfnäsgården in Slottskogen:
This year we have a special collaboration with Gräfnäsgården in Slottskogen.
You are welcome there at 15.00: Accordion workshop with Vlada Panovic
Jam-spots will be available in Houses 8,10 and 13
Blå Huset: International Food and beverage

Internationella Spelmansstämman is an event for everyone, whether you enjoy music or are a musician yourself. The wide range of sounds available means that there is something for everyone. International food and beverage will also be served at the restaurant Blå Huset.

Welcome to one of Gothenburg’s most international events. Spread the word and come and jam with new friends!

Musikcentrum Väst, Kultur i Väst, Göteborgs Stad,
Västra Götalandsregionen och Folkdansringen i Göteborg

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