måndag 14 maj 2012

Saturday's Opening exhibition - May 12, 2012

Artists welcomed visitors to the gallery, Bergrummet/Pannrummet and open studios.

Visitors mingling in the gallery during Saturday's opening exhibition

Exhibition by Kalle Brolin och Kristina Müntzing

A group exhibition by visual artists and researchers studying city 
planning and development through a dialogue with the public. 
Organised and presented by Kalle Brolin and Kristina Müntzing

Mari James shares the thoughts behind her work with Stina Pehrsdotter

Greg Bryce, Guest artist from Scotland, opened his studio

Video instalation PAUSE & PLAY by Niclas Hallberg och Stina Pehrsdotter

Textile artist Kertstin Åsling, describes the intricate detail behind
her lamps as visitors admire her summer rugs (sommarmattor) in
the background

A little boy enjoys the works of Lars Åsling exhibited in Blå Huset

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