måndag 20 februari 2012

Måndagsföreläsning med Zsuzsanna Gilice

Konsthögskolan Valand inbjuder till en måndagsföreläsning med Konstepidemi-baserade Zsuzsanna Larsson Gilice och Mikael Benson, barnläkare och professor i pediatrik och klinisk systembiologi. Föreläsningen är ett samtal mellan de båda. Zsuzsanna kommer att inleda med att berätta om sitt konstnärliga arbete och det pågående samarbetet och försöken att arbeta över disciplinerna med Mikaels forskargrupp.

Plats: Valand Research Centre, Konsthögskolan Valand, Göteborg
Måndag 20/2 kl 16

Valand Research Centre welcomes to a Monday lecture with researcher in residence, Konstepidemin based Zsuzsanna Larsson Gilice and pediatrician and professor in pediatric and clinical systems biology Mikael Benson.
Location: v.arc, Valand Research Centre
Time: 4 p.m. Monday Feb 20th

The lecture will be a joint talk between them both. Mikael will have a presentation entitled "Can Systems Biology Help To Individualize Medication?" and also give a brief introduction to genomics. Zsuzsanna will start with a presentation about her art practice and the ongoing collaboration and attempt to work cross-disciplinary with Mikael´s research group.

Mikael Benson is a pediatrician and a professor in pediatrics and clinical systems biology at Linköping University. He leads a research group that aims to develop methods to personalise medication. The project is supported by the EU and the Swedish Research Council. The background is that many patients with common diseases do not respond to medication. This may depend on altered interactions between thousands of disease-causing genes. The alterations can be detected by high-throughput genomic technologies. However, to understand these alterations novel methods are needed. This has led to an interest in novel perspectives and multi-disciplinary collaborations, including a long-standing collaboration with Zsuzsanna Larsson Gilice.

Zsuzsanna Larsson Gilice is an artist based in Gothenburg (Konstepidemin). She is an adjunct lecturer on the Master of Fine Art program and the C:Art MFA at Valand. She is trained as an artist at Valand School of Fine Arts. Zsuzsanna´s work issues from a deeply personal narrative, yet she finds herself in the situation of being unwilling to use material from the private realm. Instead, she seeks to transform sources of high and low into a method with a sensitivity to seemingly unessential details, yet decided upon perfectionism. The practice is studio based with an emphasis on drawing and slow and repetitive processes. Zsuzsanna is currently working on an expanded drawing project, made possible with funding from the Faculty of Fine Arts at University of Gothenburg, and with a project grant from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee ( konstnarsnamnden.se/default.aspx?id=14179 ). The aim is to find an artistic interpretation, or parallel floating work, to the complexity of medical problems in the field of clinical systems biology. The project is a collaboration with professor Mikael Benson at LIU.  

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