onsdag 13 mars 2013

Curious about - Marthe Roosenboom and Michiel Brouwer

Marthe Roosenboom and Michiel Brouwer, from the Netherlands, live and work in one of the five guest studios here at Konstepidemin.

Marhte Roosenboom is an illustrator with a fascination for folk culture and love stories. She has her own design studio together with two other illustrators - Studio M.

Whilst living and working at Konstepidemin she works on ongoing commissioned work by herself and via internet with Studio M. She will also investigate the stories of Göteborg. This will result in visual translations using techniques like screenprint and drawing (so if your grandmother told you any stories about the city, please contact her, she would love to hear them!).
Marthe is working at the screenprint workspace of KKV, and plans to spend a lot
of time there.

Michiel Brouwer, a passionate photographer, was born in the Netherlands but his parents moved to Hälsingland Sweden when he was 3 years old. It wasn’t until his studies that he returned to the Netherlands. His graduation project about the Swedish race biology period in the 20th century, and specifically how this period influenced the Sami people was the start of an ongoing project. ‘Lapponensis’ was published as a book only this September.

He just finished a series of exhibitions and workshops, working with painter Anders Sunna from Umeå. Together they turned Lapponensis and Anders’s work into a educative program for upper secondary students in Jämtland. They plan to get the exhibition back on the road to get more attention for their cause.

Michiel and Marthe are planning to stay in Göteborg after their stay at Konstepidemin. They’re looking for an apartment at the moment, starting from 1st of May. If you have any tips that could help them find a new place to live, please contact them. They have a great idea for a reward for the golden tip!
 or marthe.roosenboom@gmail.com


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